Accomodation for the Lake Lugano Rowing Regatta

Melano is only  10 minutes by train from Mendrisio, 15 minutes from Lugano and 20 minutes from Chiasso away, with frequent trains, and the public transports are free for everyone overnighting in hotels, youth hostels or campsites taking part in the project Ticino Ticket (which offers many others advantages too)! 

For a very smooth travel you can imagine that the vans and the travels with the boats arrive a day before traveling on streets but the athletes arrive directly by train.

Hereafter you’ll find some accomodations suggestions which should offer some advantages for the people who participates to the regatta.

Otherwise you can book using the portals of Mendrisiotto Turismo or (a little bit further) Lugano Turismo.

NB: the listed offers, prices and vacancies are not guaranteed, and you must check if they are confirmed when booking.



special offer availability

and Special offer

4 roulottes for 4 persons each (minimum stay 2 nights)

60 CHF/night roulotte + 9 CHF/adult and 5 CHF/child + 3,7/person tax; promo -10% for regatta rowers

60 rooms

108 CHF/night sigle room

152 CHF/night double room

207 CHF/night triple room

Promo code LLR2022

9 rooms

138 CHF/night double room  (minimum 2 nights), breakfast and spa included


10 rooms

110 CHF / might; promo – 20.- CHF for a stay of 2 nights